Oral Cancer Screenings

Hollywood, FL

Oral cancer is a very serious disease. It is a mass of cells that cause damage to nearby tissue, which includes the lips, tongue, cheeks, throat, hard and soft palate. The disease presents as a growth or sore in the mouth, and it doesn’t go away with traditional treatment. Early detection can be crucial to have a positive prognosis. We use manual and visual screening methods to check for abnormal growths on the soft tissue of your mouth. Certain lifestyle factors, such as alcohol and tobacco use, can increase your risk of developing oral cancer, though anyone can be stricken with the disease. We provide oral cancer screenings for all new patients and as part of our comprehensive exams. Patients over 40 years old should be screened for oral cancer as there is a heightened risk. Early detection can be lifesaving, so don’t wait to get screened.