General Dental Technology

Hollywood, FL

We use technology to support our dental care. In general dentistry, technology aids us in diagnosing and treating small problems before they develop into larger issues. We employ an intra-oral camera, a little handheld scope, that allows you to see exactly what the dentist sees when she looks into your mouth. This helps you make educated choices about how to proceed with your care. You’re able to discuss what you see with Dr. Canela-Pichardo since you’re both looking at the same images. Additionally, we use soft-tissue lasers to treat lesions and cold sores. Soft-tissue lasers are an alternative to traditional scalpels and help to reduce discomfort and promote quicker healing. We don’t rely on our technology to deliver fantastic dental care; however, we know exactly how to use it to accompany our care and take it to the next level. Your fabulous, healthy smile is waiting.