Crown Lengthening

Hollywood, FL

Some patients may not be candidates for restorations due to the amount of healthy enamel above the gum line to support it. Broken or decayed teeth can benefit from restorations such as dental crowns, but if there’s not a stable foundation, the restoration will fail. Crown lengthening can help! Similar to gum recontouring, crown lengthening can expose more enamel. Often, crown lengthening is combined with other cosmetic recontouring to get the best possible results. This is a surgical procedure; however, we’ll keep you comfortable every step of the way. Like all the oral surgeries we perform, we’ll explain pre- and post-op instructions and ensure you know exactly what to expect. Generally, the procedure takes less than an hour, depending on how many teeth are affected. Once your gums heal fully, you can complete your smile with a dental crown or other restoration. This simple procedure goes a long way to improve your smile and promote healthy dental restorations that give you a smile you can be confident to show off.